Planner Spreads with Etsy //Non Etsy Stickers plus Japanese Washi tape

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Here we go, more spreads- I also upload them to my IG @audreygwyn....
   I used this amazing Peacock set from "Labelled with Love Co"

This was a Non Etsy spread, with stash from Magenta Stamps, Recollections washi and Happy Planner sticker books.

Here is a no white spread that used pretty stickers from "Megan's Playhouse" on Etsy. They were a pleasure to see every day!

Before I moved, I had fun decorating lots of blank Traveler Notebooks to use while here. I wasn't sure how easy they would be to buy. Luckily, I found at least 2 official Midori TN sections in stores, so I can restock. 

One of the things I was looking forward to in moving to Thailand was being able to get Japanese Washi-- I have found it in several stores but it is unbelievably expensive I think due to import fees. They start around $5 USD per roll and the pretty ones with foil are almost $8! Too rich for me, so I just look at them and drool. Here is a selection at the cool Japanese store "Loft".

That's all for now!

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July/August Planner spreads

and here's some of my traveler's notebook...

Love those Alice in Wonderland Planner Stickers!

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Life is officially crazy- I moved to Thailand! The chaos was so great that last few weeks, I had chosen my favorite Alice stickers for my birthday week and hardly got to use them! Here is a view

"before the pen"....

Also wanted to show just a few others that got missed in the fray!

and last but not least, my 2nd favorite was the Guardians of the Galaxy by Chasing Chels--find her at!


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Sometimes I don't want to use my "special" Etsy stickers for a planner spread- and since I have tons of scrapbook supplies, it is so easy to use those up and make myself feel thrifty at the same time! Here are several examples of what I did--

I used map paper for the big borders and then my stash of vintage travel stickers-- looks pretty good!

Here is the following week....

Can you tell we were in Venice? Stickers matched perfectly! I also used scrapbook paper on the sidebars.


This next example is all built around some ANCIENT Hercules stickers I had-- they were going transparent in some places even...then just matched washi tape to the pages.

I did use a few random monochrome check lists but all in all- this page cost under $2


Here's a similar idea, all built around these adorable mermaid stickers which I think came from Michaels. 

I trimmed down washi tape to make super skinny pieces but again, a cute spread under $2!!


Here is one with plain scrapbook paper and arrow Boho rub ons from Michaels---with a little help from matching washi- pretty striking with very little effort or expense!

I used some really pretty paper for this next one-- the borders are the back side of the box paper and I used some old scrapbook border words in black. 

I think this looks great myself--- about 1 dollar!

This next one is eye catching, but made with rubber stamps on very old sticker square paper--all from Magenta. These were all randomly stamped and then some sponging in the background-the flowers and leaves were colored in with pencils- add some black washi and you are done- 

That's all for today- I hope you enjoyed these!

Personal Size Planner from Webster's Pages-Happy New Year!

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It's a fresh new year with lots of planner spreads to share!

This is my Webster's Pages Personal planner-- from January

and in my new Recollections-
Here is my favorite colors and stickers from TriToneplans
for my monthly view January-
The stickers are so smooth, feel great to write on!

Here I used actual "scraps" of scrapbook paper, lol..
This is all old stash from Karen Foster- I love vintage Valentines!

February monthly spread using sponged inks, stamps
from PSX, and the rose border is from Temp Loves Crafts.

Still planning, to the detriment of my other stamping and mixed media, and even if it is not true, I feel so in control!