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Since Zucchini season is nearly here, I am listing my fav recipe (but I add chocolate chips) from Auntie Gail's recipe ( no photo, so I put in one of mine)-- really really good!


How to make it

  • Mix all ingredients in a large bowl until flour is incorporated.
  • Prepare 3 med size loaf pans.
  • I spray with cooking spray, then line with wax paper.
  • Cook for 1 hour plus if needed, middle rack, at 325.
  • The top of the bread turns out crispy.
  • I love to serve this with softend cream cheese.
  • To freeze...wrap in foil, then in a freezer zip lock bag.
  • Take out a week later..and POW!!! Flavor is great!

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Making one last rush of cards as OPERATION WRITE HOME is stopping on August 1-- bring our people home!! Yeah!

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Here's one of my favorite albums I have made... and I made an almost duplicate for a very dear Friend-- hi Sally!