Tons of new weekly spreads in my Planner!

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 With the Royal Funeral it has been a little busy here-- but now have a second to show past weekly/monthly spreads!

Above is using Megan's playhouse from Etsy...and below is from Wild Summer Designs.

Here's October, though you wouldn't know it by the weather! No Fall here...

Running out of stuff to read so starting Harry Potter book series over-- again!
In his honor, this spread from StickEBeans.

   This week was the beginning of the Holidays/Ceremonies for the late King Rama lV...
I thought this was a gorgeous week spread from Hurricane Randi. Some of the boxes even match
the Royal backgrounds used in wallpaper and woven in silk.

And though Halloween is not a thing in Bangkok, had to do a spread using Temp Loves Crafts.

   This elegant black and gold week was for the 5 days of ceremonies for the King. I used washi and Happy Planner sticker books- 

Almost caught up, here are Stickerbloom kit stickers for a very pretty week...

Before we moved, I stocked up on my Traveler's Notebook Midori refills for my Prima notebook. Had a lot of fun decorating the covers, wasn't sure how easily I could find new ones here in BKK.

Ok, all caught up! Check back for more spreads and you can read about living in Bangkok at: